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Our Partners

We Work With the Best Partners

The Element United ecosystem is expanding rapidly with amazing global partners. Our partner network will continue to grow and include industry-leading companies with amazing technology to help us solve global problems.


Daxio is a gaming and entertainment platform with over 73K daily active users. It’s fast becoming one of the best ways to play and earn in the blockchain.


Liberty was created to provide opportunities for veterans around the world. Their project leaders include blockchain pioneers, experienced military veterans and citizens from more than twenty countries around the world.
Their community is united around a set of core values that share a commitment to create unprecedented opportunities through innovation and technology. Liberty is not a charity. They provide real opportunities for veterans and the individuals who support them, to get involved and to create and deliver valuable products and services.


The water blockchain lets you earn digital rewards when you drink crystal clear water using the SmartBottle on the Water blockchain.


The trusted geophysical services and equipment resource for geoscientists, geologists and engineers. Less risk, more confidence in the use of geophysics.


The give blockchain is a global community of concerned citizens who share one unifying purpose: empowering themselves while supporting and helping others.


You can play an integral role in the expansion and worldwide adoption of blockchain projects with a purpose. Connect makes it easy to get started and easy to share. With our help, you can find a project you truly believe in.


Switch is a blockchain-based financial services ecosystem. The blockchain is empowered by a global decentralized node network where node licensees will be rewarded with Switch digital rewards. Switch offers debit payment solutions for both traditional and cryptocurrencies around the world.

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