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Reward Preserve Welcome To The Digital Elements Revolution!

Improve the environment and help the communities hurt by actual mining. Element is changing the meaning of mining so everyone everywhere benefits.

No More Exploitation.

It’s Time For Preservation.

Communities worldwide have been hurt by mining. Countries are hoarding gold and precious metals. Those most in need are exploited with no recourse. It is time to change. Element is leading a digital revolution that brings communities into the digital age utilizing smart blockchain mining.


The Element Difference.

Fix the land and communities.

It is our duty to take care of the earth.

In ground assets have value without being taken out of the ground.

It is our duty to help those in need.

Digitize the world’s gold and precious elements.

Mine Digitally.

The Element blockchain allows node owners to earn digital rewards and support the communities and the planet where physical mining has done the most damage.

Blockchain Mining

Using advanced mining technology, Element facilitates smart blockchain mining.

Connected Devices

Install and operate your Element Node using the connected device of your choice.

Mine Differently

Use ELEMENT Digital Rewards to be a global citizen and support the worldwide reclamation and community effort.

Most mining destroys the land and the areas around the mines. This hurts cultures and communities for many generations. Often short-sighted decisions have lasting ramifications including disease, poverty and long-term hardship. Element is rectifying the hurt caused by mining on a global scale by changing how mining is done or IF mining is actually done.

For The Planet.

Element is changing how physical mining is done. In ground values can be established and gold and precious metals verified. It is stable and secure so why remove it from the ground? With Element you don’t have to. We protect the planet and are reclaiming areas once destroyed by careless and reckless mining.


For The People.

Element has seen the pain, poverty and problems left in the wake of mining that countries and companies routinely exploit. This hurts generations and keeps families and whole cities in cycles of poverty. Element is changing this and giving power back to the people most hurt by mining. Element’s community support and mining allocation programs are changing communities and supporting families while bringing them into the digital age.


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