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Healthy living has its rewards!
We imagine a world where millions of individuals are focused on their personal health and wellness. This community shares a healthy mindset and a commitment to making healthy choices.
Our community is leveraging the Element Blockchain to confirm healthy actions and financial transactions within our community. When members of our community make healthy choices—they earn healthy reward points which can be used to earn ELEMENT rewards!
Sure, the benefits of making healthy lifestyle choices are truly immeasurable—but with ELEMENT Rewards—it is easier than ever before.

There are two ways to earn ELEMENT:

1. Through Healthy Choices

How do we create a new paradigm in health and wellness? Create a new way to reward and incentivize healthy choices!

Meet ELEMENT Rewards for your healthy choices!

It’s kinda like a sky miles program only instead of earning rewards for going somewhere—you earn rewards when you take the time to set specific, trackable goals related to every aspect of your personal health and wellness—and then achieve them.

2. Through Supporting The Blockchain

Every activity, every healthy choice, and every transaction by a member of our community is verified and confirmed across the Element Blockchain.

Operators of ELEMENT Nodes provide computing power to support the Element Blockchain.

The Element Blockchain performs critical functions including the confirmation of healthy actions and verification of financial transactions within our community.

When you install and operate a ELEMENT Node—you earn even more rewards!

Get Started

Put your computer to work.

ELEMENT Nodes are the computers spread across the globe that support the Element Blockchain. They confirm transactions on the network and receive ELEMENT digital rewards in return for their work.

See a doctor anytime, anywhere.

Experience ELEMENT Telehealth—high quality care and Element blockchain rewards—all at the tap of a finger.

Prescriptions made rewarding for you.

Get discounts of up to 80% on your prescriptions and earn ELEMENT digital rewards with every use.

Join our health community.

Join the Element Discord channel, where you can receive exclusive news and updates and contribute your ideas to the Element Blockchain.

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