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Element United and Daxio is a Power Partnership.

Daxio users provide direct feedback on Element United’s Gold Crew Alpha NFTs and Web3 game, in return for:
  • Early access to Gold Crew Alpha’s Utility NFT mints
  • Special deals on owning an Element United Node that generates real rewards
  • Unique badges, PFPs, and other Element United exclusives

When You Know, You Node.

Nodes are the #1 Way to Earn Digital Rewards from Element United.
  • Generate digital rewards while you sleep, with no mining involved
  • The same technology and launch model behind epic success GALA games
  • Early adopters generate even more digital rewards

What’s a Node?

Nodes are special pieces of software that validate and protect the decentralized Element Blockchain. They generate digital rewards for their owners and operators.
  • Nodes can run on your own computer. No expensive mining rig necessary.
  • The cost of a Node increases over time. Get started at the pre-launch price!
  • Special NFT and community rewards for pre-launch adopters.
Element United
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