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3000 acre jade mine claim in the heart of Jade Valley, British Columbia, Canada commits entire jade portfolio to revolutionary blockchain startup Element United.

Manson Creek Gold mine becomes the first gold mine in history to commit an entire portfolio of in-ground assets to the blockchain, immediately ceasing mining operations in return for access to the Element United Digital Economy.

The ownership of the Manson Creek Gold claim has signed a contract with blockchain innovator Element United to immediately cease mining operations as part of a partnership to digitize their entire Manson Creek Gold Mine.

The Manson mine is the first gold claim in history to choose digital mining of its in-ground resources over physical mining.

Element United plans to digitize the assayed elements of the Manson mine in the form of unique NFTs, interactive browser games, and online treasure hunts. These will then be offered to the public as part of the upcoming Element United Digital Economy.

The agreement represents another major mine partnership for Element United, bringing their portfolio of assayed precious elements available for digitization to over $200 billion.

Element United’s new partnership with the Manson Gold Mine is unique for its ecological and economic impact.

The Manson Mine is a placer gold claim along Manson Creek and Germaston River in Northern British Columbia, Canada. Placer claims are potentially ecologically disastrous, as they move large amounts of riverside sediment for small amounts of gold, often destroying a delicate and pristine river ecology in the process, potentially increasing downstream water toxicity.

They also tend to produce excessive CO2, as materials are rarely processed and refined on site, and require the construction of roads through virgin forests. The agreement between Element United and the Manson Mine will protect that river and those forests, traditionally the home of the Tahltan First Nation, one of Canada’s most committed Tribal Bands towards sustainability and ecological preservation.

“We’re bringing mining rights to the metaverse,” says Element co-founder David Kasteler. “There is enormous demand for digital products that represent actual assayed precious elements. The best part about fulfilling that demand for the futurist consumer is that by doing so we also protect the environment and local communities. The Manson Mine is the first gold mine in history to see our vision. We don’t think they will be the last.”

“I’m going to say something I never thought I would as a gold miner,” says mine owner Gene LaPointe. “I am really excited to keep this gold in the ground. We believe that digital representations of the Manson Creek gold could eventually be worth more than the gold itself. This agreement keeps the river intact, and still gives us a chance to profit from the Element United Digital Economy.”

About Element United:

With other tech innovators, Scott Lomu and David Kasteler co-founded Element United in 2021. One of the company’s goals is to reduce the environmental toll of mining by creating products such as NFTs, nodes, and digital communities that live on the blockchain.

Element United partners with mines and represents their physical assets and precious metals as digital products built on the Ethereum Blockchain. These digital products interact with the unmined precious elements of each mine in a way that is collectible and rewarding, while leaving the elements in the ground and the natural environment untouched.

“What we are creating here is a way to mine gold and precious elements without actually digging them out of the ground,” Kasteler said. “It brings an eco-conscious mindset to mining and uses blockchain instead of heavy machinery. We believe that the blockchain economy we build on top of a mine can become more beneficial than actual mining.”

“That’s the beauty of it — the elements stay in the ground,” Lomu said. “It’s a boon for everyone involved: digital miners, local communities, and of course, our environment. We couldn’t be more excited to have the Manson Creek Mine as our very first gold mining partner.”

For more information about Element United Leadership or upcoming digital releases please visit elementunited.com

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*Rewards are not available for purchase from Element. They are digital rewards earned in exchange for work and action on the Element network. The digital reward is designed to have utility on the Element platform for the purchase of Element’s products and services. The digital reward is not an investment product and may never have any value outside of the Element platform. Element node owners should not expect to recognize any value from the digital reward other than its utility with Element. Element does not anticipate correlation between the digital reward value and Element’s business activities. The Element blockchain is not backed by gold.[CB1]

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